Bonne Joint Development Zone, Block G




The volume occupies one side of the “U” shaped ground plan defined by Christian Devillers, with at its centre a shared garden. Housing possesses large balconies, real extension of living rooms or rooms. The environmental programme is ambitious, and part of the European programme CONCERTO. It is based on : co-generation, solar panels, 20 cm wide external isolation with thermal bridge breakers, solar protections, and double flux ventilation systems.

50 Kwh/sqm/year : heating

35Kwh/sqm/year : sanitary hot water

9 Kwh/sqm/year : General services electricity

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Henri IV, Bruno Blain developer

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés, AKTIS executive architect, BETREC BET Structure - Economy, INGENERGIE - BET Fluids,Terre Eco - Consultants HQE


2 830 sqm (SHON)


2,78 M€ ex-Tax