La Bastide Joint Development Zone



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Terraces, loggias and double height     Inside view Car Park access  Car park open onto gardens  

A block open onto the Garonne

This project wishes to recapture the left bank of the Garonne. This former industrial site has been, for several years now, the subject of many attention. A new side of the city emerges, made of public gardens, housing buildings, offices and activities. Around a park, 450 housing and about 700 parking spaces have been constructed, opening onto the Garonne. The architecture is inspired by the urban villas vocabulary. The relationship between exterior extensions and the interior is enhanced by the use of empty spaces in double height or large suspended patios. Located in a flood-risk area, we imagined a parking system in the continuation of the natural gardens, open onto tree-filled slopes.


Nexity Apollonia

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés


45 000 sqm


35 M€ ex-Tax