Urban development concept of the Moscow River’s adjacent territory

Moscow, Russia



The queuing traffic is taken up the embankments of the sung and forgotten river : here is it, the Moskva River.
We can say that the city developed independently of it, we can say that nowdays this forgotten river gives to the metropolis of Moscow a unique opportunity for the new development – the embankments of the Moskva River are not almost populated, (it may sound ironic, but it is a fact): their outline was equipped qualitatively and technologically, they withstood rigorous testing of industrialization in the past, and currently stand the car pressure.
Both banks of the river along the full length are, with rare exceptions, accessible for citizens, ans this is the main power of the Moscow Geography.
During the international consultation on greater Moscow in 2012 we have already formulated one the main of theses in the proposal of our project group : “Moscow, with its complex and rich urban past, holds within itself a storehouose of possibilities for the future evolution of the embakments and the territoty of the Moskva River.”


Ville de Moscou

Team & Collaborators

Остоженка, Ateliers Lion associés, Goodnova, Citec, Institut géographique PAH, Transsolar