South Districts



       View from the Avenue du Parc toward the opening at the 50.   Ground floor gallery - ArlequinCours de l'Europe toward Grand Place  Avenue du Parc offers a new relation between the city, Villeneuve and the park and welcomes farmer markets and commercial activities. Renovated public spaces of the South inlet  

Urban Study

The South Grenoble urban project, spread over 750 ha, is a unique opportunity to reconnect sectors as diversified as Flaubert, Vigny-Musset, Beauvert and particularly Villeneuve and its 300 housing. The refurbishment of public spaces, and the necessary densification operated alongside boulevards in respect of the existing context, notably the Cours de l’Europe, are affiliated to Grenoble traditional urbanism where landscape is always revealed.

Framework agreement for the urban project management : creation of the references plan, public spaces and equipment project management as part of the PNRU of La Villeneuve.

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In progress

Ville de Grenoble

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés, INGEROP BET VRD, Sol Paysages - BET Agro-pédologie