Louvre – Porte des Lions

Paris Ier


A monumental staircase guides visitors toward the Spanish and Italiand roomsMonumental staircase going down toward the hall and ticket officesEntrance Hall and the ticket officeEntrance Hall and the ticket officeEntrance Hall and the ticket office from the top of the stairItalian paintings roomItalian and Spanish paintings roomsVolume of the former Rubens room and Italian collections    

It is today the second official entrance of the museum. Located in the Flore wing, Passages des Lions, it gives access to the Guardi, Rubens and Van Dyck exhibition spaces. Within a double height hall, opening onto the Seine, a monumental staircase covered in stones has been set up.

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Etablissement Public de Maîtrise d'ouvrage des travaux culturels

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Ateliers Lion Associés, OTH Bâtiments BET


3 000 sqm (SHON)


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