Le Parc aux Lièvres, La Nationale 7 and le Génopole



Evry EvryThe slab cut off the Parc aux lièvres from the rest of the city View of the A road 7 from an apartmentBoulevard PattonIntermodal hub of Bras de Fer Removing the slab reveals real estate opportunities and a strong potential to built a various range of housing In red : equipments / In yellow : housing / In purple : shops Plan d'aménagement


The project integrates a double intervention scale :

– On the scale of South Evry, the refurbishment of the Bras de Fer-Parc aux Lièvres district foresee an enhancement of the real estate, currently neglected, and in a long term the transformation of the A road 7 into a more urban route.

 – On the Parc aux Lièvres real estate scale, demolishing the slab enables the construction of new access to existing housing and diversifies the real estate offer, thus radically changing the reputation of this stigmatized district.

2008-2011 :

Pre-operational study regarding the renovation of the Parc aux Lièvres.

2013 :

Urban renovation project of the Parc aux Lièvres / Bras de Fer sector, along the transformation of the A road 7

2014… :

Monitoring and in-depth study of the Bras de Fer-Parc aux Lièvres development operation.

In progress

Ville d'Évry, Communauté d'agglomération Evry Centre Essonne

Team & Collaborators

2008-2011 Study : Ateliers Lion Associés, Igrec Engineering : BET VRD, CVL Consultants in urban planning and commercial real estate / Following studies : Ateliers Lion