Jabal Omar

Mecca, Saudi Arabia


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   Jabal Omar

In Mecca, the need to welcome more and more pilgrims leads to the progressive densification of sectors surrounding the Great Mosque. New housing, hotels, shops and prayer rooms programmes are conceived to respond to this demand. The radial-concentric plan considers the Great Mosque as point of convergence. Radials are the path privileged by pilgrims to reach the Mosque; they create a new relation with hillsides. Building propositions, principally hotel towers, create prism-shaped plans setting down on topographic bases. Arranged in staggered rows, their configuration emphasises views of the Mosque. A public space linking the two sectors (Jabal Omar in the West, and Jabal Khandama, in the East), called Urban Landing, it forms a terrace in height enlarging the public spaces surrounding the Mosque.

Laureate of the 2007 International Competition

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Jabal Omar Development Company

Team & Collaborators

Jabal Omar 1 : Ateliers Lion Associés, Dagher&Hanna Architects (Lebanon), Abdul Halim Jabr Architect, Transsolar - Energy Technik GMBH, INGEROP International - BET, CITEC - BET Circulation
Jabal Omar 2 : Ateliers Lion Associés, Dagher&Hanna Architects (Lebanon), Buro Happold BET


Jamal Omar 1 : 23 Ha
Jabal Omar 2 : 9 Ha