Greater Moscow

Moscow, Russia


About 3 200 ha along the Moskva are possible real estate opportunities to welcome new programmes and to recreate connections between the city and its river. ResourcesNetworkReal Estate opportunities Moskva"Improved intermodal hub" - more space for pedestrians "Moskva accessible everywhere by everybody" - a new district connected to the river"To build on forgotten places" - A new district on the railway ring surroundings."From m"From Muscovite to muscovore" - Agricultural activities on the edge of Moscow to feed the city.

Study regarding the project of development of Moscow’s urban conglomeration.

Within a context of hypertrophied city centre, the City of Moscow takes under consideration the development of its urban conglomeration by expanding and organising a 150 000 ha territory, located on the South-West of the city. Several federal functions would be transfered in this new sector. Our team has considered this expansion opportunity as a trigger to conduct a deeper analysis on the future of the Greater Moscow, while interrogating the relevance of massive urbanisation in these new territories. To improve urban comfort as a natural setting to the extraordinary is a priority of the Greater Moscow project. From this philosophy have emerged four reflection points :

– To give priority to the existing city potential, with the forgotten real estate possibilities as strength to re-characterize the city.

-To upgrade the infrastructure toward a shared and pacified public space.

-To enhance Moscow’s countryside resources in order to establish a city/countryside reciprocity relationship.

– The Moskova River  as backbone of the Greater Moscow, urban link and identity statement of the city.



Ville de Moscou

Team & Collaborators

Ostozhenkaarchitects Architects (authorised representative), Ateliers Lion Associés, Geography Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Russia