Extension of the city centre around the North Lake

Tunis, Tunisia


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Ground Plane The square opens onto the lakeNew avenues Perspective of public spaces on the mineral cost road Bourguiba Canal

Urban Study

Strategical study for the integrated development of the North/West and South/West banks zone as well as of the lake on the north of Tunis (300 ha). The dredging conducted into the lake enabled the renewal of the water, the reintroduction of a biodiversity and has redrawn banks of the lake creating, between Tunis city centre and the lake, more than 250 ha of building lands. The urban project lengthen the city centre to the lake and offers to Tunis’ inhabitants a pontoon around the lake. The new district includes a business centre, major equipment, and combines housing and offices. The long promenade along the lake, punctuated by activities, turns this district into the new lively centre of the capital.

In progress

Société de Promotion du Lac de Tunis

Team & Collaborators

Mission 1 (2010) : DTZ Consulting, Ateliers Lion Associés, Gides-Loyrette-Nouel International Legal Consulting Tunisie, SOGREAH - BET Hydraulic & environment
Mission 2 (2012/2013...) : DTZ Consulting, Ateliers Lion Associés, Artélia (ex-SOGREAH)


260 ha