Eco-district: between city and countryside

Joué lès Tours


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Nature in the city

On the southern edge of Tours agglomeration, the creation of three eco-districts gathering 3,000 dwellings raises the question of urban/rural relations. We propose to limit the footprint of built land by designing three relatively dense neighborhoods (around 1,000 dwellings each) and by integrating the landscape of the countryside in the heart of city. An “avenue-park” connects these neighborhoods and becomes the support of the long term development of Joué lès Tour. Public transport on dedicated lanes reaches the new neighbrhoods and gets to Joué and Tours. The use of local renewable energy, the creation of a precise specifications for energy control, the limitation of presence of the car, the promotion of alternative modes of transport, the achievement of a large “composite park”… are all factors wich feed the project “Courelières, eco-neighborhood of Joué Sud”.

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In progress

Bouygues Immobilier

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés, Ilex Landscape & Urbanism, A2I - Engineering VRD , Transsolar - BET Climate control engineering


50 Ha including 33 Ha of operational building lands


18,3 M€