Castermant eco-district




Organisation of the Castermant eco-district, Chelles.  

Alongside Chelles-Vaires railway network, the Castermant eco-district occupies a strategic position in the Grand Paris.

The project proposes a natural urban continuity between Chelles and Brou-sur- Chantereine, by ordering the road network and developing landscaped areas. The current economical and commercial activities areas on the outskirts of Chelles become part of the city.

The position of each type of housing take advantage of the site’s open view onto the horizon and the hillside landscapes of the Marne.

In progress

M2CA, Marne Chantereine Chelles Aménagement

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion associés, IGREC Engineering, Roland Ribi & Associés - mobility and urbanism


Operational perimetre : 9,8ha / 59 500 sqm divided in 48 000 sqm housing, 1 500 sqm shops/activities, 5 500 sqm offices, 4 500 sqm public facilities