Antonypole, technologies of the living




The creation of a Greater Paris metro station at the heart of Antonypole is the occasion to engage economical and urban mutations of current industries developed on both sides of motorways A6 and A10.

Based on technologies of the living, the urban project benefits from the great quality of the landscape structure. New relationships are created with Antony in order to open up the sector and to replace the business sector by a district.

An economic, commercial, cultural and residential centrality is organized around the public place welcoming the new metro station and an intermodal hub.


Ville d'Antony

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion associés, DTZ consulting, Citec, Transsolar


Scope of intervention : 65Ha
265 000 sqm divided among 90 000 sqm housing, 85 000 sqm activities, 68 000 sqm services industry.